Who doesn't enjoy a good scalp massage?  Well, how about not only a scalp massage

but also a wonderful conditioning treatment for the scalp and hair? Coconut oil has

so many benefits for the hair including nourishment for dry and split ends, reduction

of dandruff, to name just a few.  


Bon Vital' Relaxing Hot oil Scalp massage 15 minute session.  Price:  $15.00 

Offered as an add on for 15 minutes of total scalp massage with warmed Coconut oil applied to the scalp and hair.



Bon Vital' PREMIUM Hot Oil Scalp massage treatment.  Price:  $40.00 


This  30 minute treatment includes a scalp massage using Bon Vital' Coconut oil infused with Relaxation Synergy Essential Oil blend, which is warmed to perfection in order to relax the senses. The face, neck, and scalp are treated to a soothing massage to help completely let go of stresses!     ( roller balm gift of Relaxation essential oil included).


(Relaxation essential oil blend consists of Lavender, Marjoram, Patchouli, Mandarin, Geranium, and Chamomile )


This treatment can be done as a single session or as an add on treatment to your massage therapy session.


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